Sunday, August 7, 2011


What is MIDI?

                           Acronym of MIDI is Musical instrument digital interface.So nowadays without these technology there is no recording studio.Implementing midi is a bit tricky. So mostly composers use this technology for producing computer music.And for Audio engineers this technology especially used for pitch correction and hardware user interface(HUI) to communicate software.

                                    Bottom line of midi concept is provides communication between two or more digital instruments that may be hardware instruments or with computer music software.Just Passes digital information. 


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Audio Engineering In 21st century

                    21st century is the revolution for audio engineers and musicians.Most of the engineers setting up their gear at home and working peacefully.Composing music on palm has been arrived like with i Phones/iPod touch/iPad and even with Android  smart phones.So that productions are increased and the guys with minimum knowledge are becoming professionals .Because the gear size has been reduced, cost reduced but quality increased. Fully professional equipment and can be setup with in a bed room.So this all nothing but the nano technology And there are lot of chances to get projects from any country by internet.So when internet involved in this work says have global resources.Lot of technology been introduced and been implementing successfully.By inventing of MIDI a versatility concept has been introduced to music and audio engineering industry. 

Midi:   Acronym of this word is Musical Instrument Digital Inter Face.

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